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The term we use is "conventional shingle", but there's nothing conventional about a Kaufman shingle roof.  It is important being a roofing contractor in Minnesota to use only superior grade shingles.  We offer a wide assortment of colors and styles from which to choose.  In addition, we use high quality, all metal vents and valleys in a variety of colors, to ensure maximum durability for your entire roof.  We make every effort to protect your siding, landscaping, and adjacent properties during construction.


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Above and beyond

At Kaufman Roofing our standards go well beyond the roofing industry standards in addition to going above state code requirements, to ensure you have the highest quality roof possible.  Minnesota state code requires only 4 nails per shingle; we want to make sure your roof will hold up to even the strongest wind, so it is our standard to use 6 nails per shingle, thus making your roof 20% more wind resistant.  Many contractors don't add ice and water shield to the valleys of a roof, as it is not required by state code.  However at Kaufman Roofing, we don't take shortcuts, that's why we install 36 inches of ice and water shield to the valleys of the asphalt shingle roofs we install.  Not only that, state code only requires ice and water shield up the first 2 feet of your roof, at Kaufman Roofing we add ice and water shield up 6 feet, going well beyond what is required.  We don't want to just get by, we want you to have a superior roof.


Roofing accessories play a vital role in the overall performance and longevity of your roof as a whole.  It is important for a roofing contractor to only use the best accessories on a roof; and that's what we do at Kaufman Roofing, we use the best.

THEM:  Many roofing contractors use plumber stacks with the white plastic plumbing pipe exposed.  Not only does this type of plumber stack look unsightly, the rubber which is used to protect against water penetration is exposed and deteriorates over time from the sun and the flexing of the roof's surface.

US:  Kaufman's plumber stacks are galvanized color clad metal, so they have a nice aesthetic appeal.  Our plumber stacks have a telescopic design allowing for roof expansion and contraction; a flange sleeve securely fastened to the base with a watertight bead on a soldered seam, so there is no rubber gasket to fail and allow water penetration; and  ¾" air space allows air circulation to resist frost from closing vent.


THEM:  Some contractors use plastic vents, which are brittle with open sides allowing birds or other animals to make a home in them, creating ventilation issues.

US:  Kaufman Roofing's vents are made from durable metal, with louvered sides so animals can't get in and create a home.

Our Chimney Saddles are custom made to fit your chimney & roof.


THEM:  Most of our competitors don't have an in house metal fabrication shop, so their chimney saddles aren't designed specifically to the form of your roof and chimney.  Some of them don't angle their saddles, resulting in water and debris build up behind your chimney.

US:  We have an in house metal fabrication shop, allowing us to make a Chimney Saddle which fits the unique dimensions of your chimney and pitch of your roof, resulting in the maximum effectiveness of the diversion of rain, melting snow and debris.  Our Chimney Saddles are angled to divert water and debris.

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